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Got the Winter Blues? Banish Them by Getting Gnarly and Going Tarp Surfing

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 13th 2015

There are some extreme sports enthusiasts in this world that can afford to leave the cool weather behind whenever they want and head out in search of some warmer waves or a sunny concrete bowl. Of course then there are the rest of us, who cant get away from the chill without inheriting a serious amount of cash and a leer jet. The good news is those of us in the latter category can make do with a collection of affordable, blue tarps. If you dont already have a collection, you can start one by visiting our online store.

Once you have the tarps on hand, getting ready to surf is a quick and easy task. Just spread it out on a flat surface and place concrete blocks or rocks on two of the tarps four corners. Then convince a handful of likeminded sports fans to grab the tarps two open ends and run towards the blocks every time you hop onto your longboard and roll across the great, blue divide. The end result is the look and feeling of being caught inside of a barrel wave, well sort of.

We know that nothing can truly replace the rush of adrenaline that comes from tackling the worlds biggest barrels or super pipes but its a good place to start. Its also a fun way to create some ultra cool photos and videos to share on your social media accounts. Understandably, youre going to need a variety of cameras to get the best tarp surfing shots. The list of good choices includes, but isnt limited to GoPros HERO2 through HERO4. They frequently come with your choice of mount (e.g. helmet or board).

To learn more about the fun of blue tarp surfing, please contact us at Canopies & Tarps. We have a large collection of heavy-duty, high-quality surfing tarps in stock that are sure to please street and park skaters alike.