Strong Pond Liners: One of the Best Weapons in Battles Against String Algae

Strong Pond Liners: One of the Best Weapons in Battles Against String Algae

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jun 24th 2015

Pea green water is never a good thing, especially if its located in your containment pond. It is generally indicative of a string algae problem and that could spell disaster for your pond liners. Why? Its simple. String algae removal methods most aquatic experts recommend have a strong chance of tearing or eating away at the liner. Of course thats providing the pond liner youve installed in your propertys containment area isnt tear, puncture or chemical resistant.

The good news is chemical, tear and puncture resistant pond liners are readily available at Canopies and Tarps. So if your string algae removal efforts actually result in collateral damage, finding a better replacement wont be hard at all. Now even though our pond liners are tough enough to survive skirmishes with string algae, we still recommend using caution.

Choose weekly algaecide treatments that are eco-friendly as well as watch those phosphorous and pH levels. Furthermore, bypass the sharp-edged algae rakes and go for ones with smooth tines instead. You might also want to think about taking those bales of barley out from underneath of your propertys hay covers.

Historically speaking, barley bales stored underneath of our companys hay covers are extremely effective weapons in the battle against string algae. Ask old-time farmers and theyll gladly tell you that the bales serve two purposes. Once submerged in containment ponds, theyll act as natural filters and emit one thing string algae cant stand, hydrogen peroxide gas. And no, it wont harm your pond liner or need removal.

Remember barley and hay bales are both biodegradable. Thats one of the reasons people protect them from the elements with our hay covers. If feel that your current cache of pond liners and hay covers isnt enough to win the war against string algae, dont worry. Weve got more. To place your order and better prepare for battle, please contact us today.