Stash Away Vinyl Tarps Before the Summer Storms Roll Into Town

Stash Away Vinyl Tarps Before the Summer Storms Roll Into Town

Posted by Canopies Tarps on May 16th 2016

The Atlantic hurricane seasons impending arrival always turns many Americans stress levels up a notch. However this year, even the most stoic storm veterans are feeling uneasy. Why? Meteorologists widely agree that recent events may cause this season to be a real doozy. With that noted, having a stash of vinyl tarps on hand is going to be more important than ever, especially for coastal property owners.

Were not solely referring to standard tarps either. Theres obviously a need for triage tarps too. They differ from basic, vinyl tarps in valuable ways. For instance, the come in universal colors meant to signal certain things to rescue teams. Which universal colors are most important when picking out triage tarps? We recommend four colors to start. They are black, yellow, red and green.

The black vinyl tarps, as you may have assumed, are typically used to mark off areas used as makeshift morgues. The other colors are designed to segregate storm victims based on the extent of their physical injuries. Examples include, but arent restricted to using the green ones to identify the least injured. Other colors beyond the ones weve already mentioned are also available.

What are the other vinyl tarps for? In reality, rescue teams may use them for everything from building makeshift checkpoints to food and water distribution areas. And rescue teams arent the only groups of people who will benefit from having stashes of vinyl tarps around during hurricane season. Remember, vinyl varieties are excellent for finishing a number of post hurricane tasks. For instance, they could serve as tent footprints or storm breaks.

Vinyl tarps will also likely be helpful during cleanup and rebuilding efforts. This includes diverting water away from wind-torn holes in buildings roofs or walls. To find enough of them and other color-coded tarps before the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season hits, please contact us now.