Pond Liners and Shoreline Erosion: 4 Preventive Actions That May Help

Pond Liners and Shoreline Erosion: 4 Preventive Actions That May Help

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 12th 2014

Has the area around your pond liner started to erode? Did it already cause a puncture or tear to occur in the polyethylene? If so, before installing a new pond liner, you may want to check out our tips for dealing with shoreline erosion:

Add Vinyl Tarps & Gabions

One way to prevent shoreline erosion from damaging your pond liner is to re-grade the bank and the shoreline. Afterward, cover those areas with vinyl tarps and top them off with a layer of rip-rap. Depending on your pond, you could opt to use gabions in the process too. If installed properly, the vinyl tarps and gabions should prevent erosion from causing the rip-rap to fall or slide onto the pond liner.

Use Soil Conditioners

Eco-friendly, moisturizing soil conditioners can also help prevent shoreline erosion and subsequent pond liner damage. They often do that by making the area around the pond less susceptible to wind erosion. There are companies nowadays that make potassium based conditioners. They tend to be safe for use around underground water sources, humans, wildlife and vegetation.

Plant Vegetation

Speaking of which, adding emergent and submergent vegetation around your pond may help matters too. Thats because the vegetations roots tend to keep the soil in place during periods of rain and wind storms. Just be forewarned that some vegetation can spread quickly and take over a pond. So youll want to make your plant selections and placements judiciously.

Create an Island

Wind created waves can also pose a problem. So you may want to build a center island or hump in your pond as well. The island will serve as a barrier of sorts, which will help to absorb or deflect the erosion causing energy. If an island or a hump isnt feasible, coir fiber logs may prove to be a good alternative. They are made of biodegradable materials and designed to prevent shoreline erosionas well as pond liner damage.

To learn more about pond liners and preventing erosion from occurring around them, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps. Our made-to-order, polyethylene pond liners are very durable and feature an average thickness of 20 mil.