See-Through Party Tents Are Perfect for Christmas Bird Count Events

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 10th 2014

Each December, the Audubon Society puts on a special event designed to monitor the activities of Americas vast bird population. Known nationally as the Christmas Bird Count, its a great time for residents and businesses alike to get together, pitch a see-throughparty tentand lend a helping hand. Well in this case, perhaps its more important to lend them your eyeballs. Thats because everything that participants witness during the three week event is used to help protect Americas feathered friends and their environments.

If you decide to pitch a see-through party tent for the event, consider utilizing it in one of two ways. First, think about letting your local bird watchers andcount compileruse the tent as a home base for event operations. It would be a great place for everyone to compare counts, fill in paperwork and warm up throughout the day. Second, why not kick around the idea of hosting a Christmas Bird Count fundraiser?

Christmas Bird Count fundraisers can be a lot of fun when theyre held inside of see-through party tents. For instance the shindig could be held in an area known to attract wintering birds or on the grounds of a raptor rescue center. The tables could be decorated with mistletoe, which is known to attract certain birds. On the list are mistle thrusts, mourning doves, Coopers hawks, bluebirds andAmerican robins. Party favors could consist of tulle bags filled with bird treats, seed or suet appropriate for feeding wintering birds. And as for the menu and party activities, see-through tents will help to ensure that the skys the limit.

To select a see-through or standard party tent in time for the 2014 Christmas Bird Count, pleasecontact ustoday with an idea of how big your group is expected to be. That way, we can help you order the right number of tables and chairs too.