Satisfy Your Inner DaVinci By Turning Canvas Tarps into Custom Rugs

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 20th 2015

How creative are you feeling right now? If the answer is Very, you might want to grab one of our high quality, affordable, untreated canvas tarps and channel your inner DaVinci or Martha Stewart. What do Martha Stewart, Leonardo DaVinic and canvas tarps have in common? The answer is really simple. Both DaVinci and Martha have a history of painting on canvas. The major difference between the two is that the Grand Dame of DIY Household Crafts used her final creation as a spiffy-looking, canvas rug.

Yes, we said a rug. You can find photos of her DIY canvas rug project and a complete set of instructions online. And in case you are wondering, Martha Stewart isnt the only one that has ever created a custom designed rug from an untreated canvas tarp. There are several bloggers that have done so too. Just check out Positively Splendid, Pinterest and Pop Sugar, then youll see what we mean. Oh, and by the way, you dont have to stick with just custom rugs. Your DIY artwork could be hung on the walls, double as curtains or help separate rooms as well.

We should also mention that the creative folks over at Pop Sugar came up with another solid idea that you may want to try. They have figured out how to use canvas to turn digital photos into artistic prints. The prints would be perfect for art displays inside homes and business. In their published project, they used ready-made stretched canvas but you dont have to. Our affordable, untreated tarps could easily be cut up, stretched across frames and used in the same way. Just make sure that you follow their instructions for preparing the surface. Otherwise, the finished product wont last long. To learn more about untreated and treated canvas tarps, please contact us today.