Round Poly Tarps Can Help Reduce Pool Cleaning, Refilling and Heating Costs

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Apr 16th 2014

With outdoor thermometer readings across the U.S. slowly creeping upward, it wont be long before Americans will be opening up their pools for the season. If you count yourself among them, dont forget to buy round polytarps. They can help you reduce pool care costs in three main areas, cleaning, refilling and heating. Heres how:

When left exposed to the elements, pool water can pick up debris, evaporate and cool down. Thus, leaving the pool owner faced with ongoing cleaning, refilling and heating tasks. All of which can cost the pools owner priceless time and financial resources.

Round poly tarps, on the other hand, are typically made with UV resistant, waterproof poly material. They tend to feature double lock stitched seams and rust resistant, modest-sized grommets. Placed evenly around the tarps exterior edging, the grommets are traditionally used to fasten the round tarps to grounded, guide wires or to the pools frame.

Once the round tarps are in place, theyll help to keep windborne and vegetative debris out of the water. They are also capable of protecting the water from cooling winds and sun exposure. Prolonged sun exposure, as you may know, can lead to costly, evaporation related, water loss.

It also is valuable to note that although the pool tarps come in various sizes, most are custom ordered. Thats why its best to order round poly tarps well before you decide to open up your outdoor pool for the season. That way, you wont have to leave the water unprotected.

Using the round poly tarps throughout the season is a simple affair. Basically, the tarp is placed over top of the pool any time that it is not in use. Then its removed in minutes whenever anyone wants to take a dip. To learn more about round poly tarps for indoor and outdoor pools, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.