Remember to Order Pond Liners Before World Wildlife Conservation Day

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 13th 2016

World Wildlife Conservation Day 2015 is fast approaching. It is slated to fall on Friday, December 4th. So there is still time to purchase pond liners. What dopond linershave to do with World Wildlife Conservation Day? Not surprisingly, they have a lot to do with it once endangered, wetlands species are taken into account.

TheUnited States Department of Natural Resources Conservation Servicepoints out that there are many creatures and plants living in wetlands environments that need our protection. Why? For one, their natural habitats are either dwindling in total number or decreasing in acreage. Thus, people who invest in pond liners and take affirmative action to address those deficits are doing a great service for wetland species everywhere.

For instance, in our home state of California, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service lists a little more than a dozen butterflies that are endangered. Among them are the El Segundo Blue, Delta Green, San Bruno Elfin and Langes Metalmark. So, residents who dig out their own ponds could help those species of butterflies by planting vegetation around the water thats known to support them.

A few plants that would be perfect are sedums, seacliff buckwheat, water-parsnip, Dutchmans pipe, calico flowers and spicebush. Of course a number of additionalitems could be added to attract other endangered species known to live in our state too. A few pond visitors to think about are southwestern willow flycatchers, assorted foxes, salt marsh mice, northern spotted owls and riparian brush rabbits.

Our off-the-shelf and custom pond liners come in a number of sizes. So, no matter how many species of flora and fauna people want to save, its a surety that weve got a pond liner to accommodate them all. To speak with our pond liner experts before December 4th arrives, pleasecontact usat Canopies & Tarps toll-free or via our online store.