Remember to Choose Canvas Tarp Cleaning Products and Procedures Wisely

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 27th 2014

Did you know that canvas tarps, although extremely practical to have around, are not like vinyl ones? Its true and because of that, they must be chosen, used and cared for properly. So today, we wanted to open up a discussion about how to keep canvas tarps clean, dry and mildew free. Lets start with the appropriate cleaning methods:

What many people dont realize is that canvas is actually pure cotton. As such, it can shrink and lose its shape just like that 100% cotton t-shirt you may have sitting in your bedroom closet. Therefore, they should never be fully emerged into water, stuck into a washing machine or tossed into the clothes dryer.

In addition, it is important to remember that the majority of canvas tarps on the market today are treated with dyes and special chemicals to suit consumers needs. Those dyes and chemicals also happen to be very sensitive to ingredients used in a large number of cleaners and laundry detergents. As a consequence, its vital not to reach for the first cleaner that you see on the store shelves or underneath of the kitchen sink.

What typically produces the best, damage free results are cleaners specifically designed for canvas products. They are manufactured by a number of companies and normally sold through multiple retailers. Some of those cleaners are also capable of gently removing the tough stuff, like mildew and grease.

When sifting through the various rows of canvas cleaners, be sure to read the labels too. Just because the label says that it is safe for most canvas items doesnt necessarily mean that it will be right for your beloved tarp. Because of that, it is wise to test the cleaner in a small, out of the way area of the tarp before going whole hog. Otherwise, you could end up deeply disappointed and stuck with a damaged canvas tarp.

After cleaning the canvas tarp, hang it up outside to drip dry in a partially shaded area. That way, the risk of the tarp sustaining mildew and UV damage will be significantly reduced. To learn more about choosing and caring for canvas tarps, please contact us today.