Reduce the Frequency of Canopy Top Replacements with Routine Cleaning

Reduce the Frequency of Canopy Top Replacements with Routine Cleaning

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Apr 9th 2015

If you have a patio that you enjoy spending time in, you probably already have a patio cover that helps provide some much-needed shade. While patio covers are designed to be quite durable and weather-proof, there still comes a time where canopy top replacements may be necessary. Thankfully you can reduce the need for replacing the canopy top as often by focusing on proper maintenance.

Pick a Sunny Day for Cleaning

Keeping your canopy cover looking great is simply a matter of doing a deep clean from time to time. In order for the canopy fabric to dry properly, its recommended that you pick out a warm and sunny day in advance. This way, the canopy will dry entirely and moisture wont be able to lead to mold.

Check for Any Fabric Stains

Stains can occur on a canopy from sources such as grass, tree sap, and even mildew. In order for you to treat these stains, youll want to avoid using bleach since this can cause discoloration. Instead, look for fabric cleaners designed for outdoor furniture.

Use a Laundry Machine if Possible

If your canopy is small enough to fit into a washing machine, this can help cut down on a lot of time cleaning. The short cleaning time also makes it easier for you to do more routine cleanings.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Damages

When cleaning your canopy, its a good idea to use this opportunity to look for any tears in the fabric. If you see any significant damage, it may be time to purchase a canopy replacement.
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