Reasons to Buy Portable Garages Before the Official Start of Spring

Reasons to Buy Portable Garages Before the Official Start of Spring

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 3rd 2015

Whether our nations groundhogs predict more snow or an early spring, it doesn't matter. People should still consider buying portable garages before the official start of spring. Why? Well were glad that you decided to ask because todays post is all about reasons why its important to buy one before the first day of spring. Incidentally, its set to happen on Friday, March 20th this year. So, check out our reasons now and then let the countdown begin!

1.) Even Lambs Can Cause Damage

You know that old adage about lambs, lions and spring, right? Most folks talk about watching out for days when the weather is like a lion. Although they can certainly be brutal, lamb-like weather can cause damage to motor vehicles and outdoor items too. For example, mild winds can toss pollen around and UVA rays can discolor surfaces. Portable garages will shield items from both.

2.) Spring Cleaning Advantage

Plus, having portable garages on hand before March will give property owners the spring cleaning advantage. After all, they can be used to clean out seasonal rentals in highly competitive real estate markets and store items during minor renovations. They may also appeal to potential renters and home-buyers.

3.) Great for Getting a Jump on Roof Repairs

Speaking of renovations, March is often the perfect time to make roof repairs. Why? It happens before those familiar April showers kick in and the outdoor temperatures are generally nice and cool. Having a portable garage on site can make getting a jump on those repairs easy. For instance, they could be used to store roofing materials or items that must be removed from the attic or crawl space during the repairs.

Those are just three reasons why its a great idea to buy portable garages before spring arrives. To learn more, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps. Weve got carport covers, replacement canopy tops, portable garages, roofing tarps, machine covers and more available now. So, we can have you ready to spring into action as soon as the first crocuses appear.