Protect Your Plants through Winter with a Mesh Canopy

Protect Your Plants through Winter with a Mesh Canopy

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Feb 3rd 2016

Growing plants that are able to withstand the harsh weather temperatures that happen where you live is an intelligent homeowner choice as it allows you to enjoy a low-maintenance and a beautiful home at all times. However, you could run into issues when winter weather such as rain or snow gets in the way. If you have most of your garden in a specific area or you have a planter garden, you should think about investing in a mesh canopy to keep your plants protected from harm.

Sunshine Penetration

Although you might not get that much sunshine during wintertime, you should still take advantage of the sunlight as your plants will stay healthier when they get plenty of exposure. Protecting your plants and allowing for sunlight penetration might not sound easy, but using a mesh canopy makes it that way.

Flood Prevention

For potted plants, the holes on the bottom of the pots will do everything they can to prevent rainwater from collecting, but you could still have pools of water that can cause a great deal of harm to your plants when the water is not quickly removed. However, with a mesh canopy, while the rain will still get through because of the mesh design, you will get enough protection to prevent your plants from flooding.

Snow Protection

Snowfall is something else that can happen during wintertime. While it is generally the cold that causes most plants to go dormant or die in the winter, you might have perennials that can handle freezing temperatures. However, these plants may not be able to survive through complete snow coverage. Covering your plants with a mesh canopy will prevent them from getting engulfed in snow.

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