Protect the Childrens Favorite Ride-On Toys with Colorful, Canvas Tarps

Protect the Childrens Favorite Ride-On Toys with Colorful, Canvas Tarps

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jul 10th 2016

Although theyve been around for centuries, ride-on toys continue to capture the attention of young children. In the early years, the ride-on toys were largely self-propelled. So the riders were able to practice their coordination skills. In the later years, ride-on manufacturers started adding motors and electronic components to their wares. And as we all know, whether or not ride-on toys have motors or manually operated pedals, they may sustain damage if left outside for too long. Enter canvas tarps:
Canvas tarps come in two main varieties. They are either 100 percent polyester or cotton duck fabric. Both types are excellent at protecting childrens ride-on toys as long as the chosen fabric has been treated with paraffin wax. Widely popular among waterproof professionals, paraffin wax not only prevents water from accessing stored goods, it offers other protection too. For example, it is capable of withstanding a barrage of hail, wind, flying debris, intense sunlight and other outdoor elements. As such, the kids toys are not likely to sustain damage during seasonal storms.
Canvas tarps also come in at least 10 different colors. So families arent stuck with drab green. They can cover the kids ride-on toys with bright yellow, blue, gold, white, green and brown tarps instead. And we have to say, the various colors make it easy to distinguish one childs ride-on toy from another. For instance, the boys in the family could be assigned the blue, canvas tarps and the girls could make use of the white ones. In addition, the canvas tarps are easily recyclable.
Once they outlive their usefulness as ride-on covers, the canvas tarps could be used for a number of other purposes. Examples include childrens craft project materials and covers for two-wheel bicycles or ATVs. To learn more about protecting the kids ride-on toys with colorful tarps, please contact us today.