Protect Outdoor Washer and Dryer Units with Vinyl Tarps and Carports

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Mar 26th 2014

How Sturdy Tarps Can Protect Your Outside Washer and Dryer

An economical solution to protecting an outside washer and dryer is the use of vinyl tarps. You won't need to build a concrete or wood washing machine shed if you choose the less expensive, portable solution.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have heavy-duty tarps that you can easily position over and around your outside appliances to protect them from the elements. Or, you can choose a custom-fit tarp; just send us the dimensions of the tarp size you want for your washer and dryer covers for outside.

One of our portable carports with waterproof covers can be ordered in sizes to fit your washer and dryer, or in sizes to protect several appliances located outside your rental property, house or summer home. Use a portable patio cover to cover two or more washing machines positioned outside at summer campgrounds or lodges. In addition to protecting your washer and dryer from rain, snow, sleet and debris, these covers can discourage vandalism.

Inexpensive Vinyl Tarps as Appliance Covers

Because we have tarps with heavy-duty grommets, you can tighten them over your washer and dryer to fit tightly around the appliances. Shop our collection of heavy-duty vinyl tarps that are available in a variety of styles, colors, patterns and price ranges.

For extra protection against severe weather or other tough outdoor conditions, consider our extra-thick 22-mil vinyl laminated tarps. These waterproof vinyl tarps have heat-sealed seams. They resist mold, mildew and UV rays.

A Portable Carport for Outside Appliances

Another popular solution to protecting outside washers and dryers is a portable carport. You can order a freestanding carport cover made from vinyl-coated electro-galvanized steel. Our freestanding and attached carport covers have pre-cut, pre-drilled holes for DIY homeowners.

Or, choose a steel carport. The galvanized steel roof is so tough, it's snow load-rated. Order one in a size to protect just your washer and dryer. Consider a larger steel carport to shield several appliances and a vehicle.

About Custom Appliance Covers

We have custom equipment covers. You can order two matching custom-cut vinyl tarp covers for a washer and a dryer, or you can order a single custom appliance cover that fits snugly over the washer and dryer.

They are pre-formed and sewn along the edges to create a rectangular shape that slips easily over your equipment without the need for additional ties, straps or accessories.

Please measure carefully, because our made-to-order products are non-refundable. If you have questions, contact our friendly, knowledgeable team at (877) 811-3911. Please note that custom orders tend to require a minimum of 12 days' notice, so it is best to order your custom pieces as soon as possible.

If you're looking for a different type of option for appliance storage, we also have vinyl-coated steel storage sheds for sale.