Protect Outdoor Washer and Dryer Units with Vinyl Tarps and Carports

Protect Outdoor Washer and Dryer Units with Vinyl Tarps and Carports

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Mar 26th 2014

Just because they're designed with built-in weather protection doesn't mean leaving your outdoor washer and dryer unprotected is ideal. Whether you'd like to create a rainproof outdoor laundry room that allows you to do your laundry in inclement weather or you want an outdoor washer and dryer shed that's easy to set up and disassemble, heavy-duty tarps and carports make fantastic outdoor washer and dryer enclosures to solve your problems.

Inexpensive Vinyl Tarps as Appliance Covers

If you're expecting rainy or stormy weather and want to cover your outdoor washer and dryer before it arrives, an inexpensive vinyl tarp is a great solution. The vinyl and PVC tarps you'll find at Canopies and Tarps feature a range of sizes and benefits like lamination and heavy-duty grommets that easily allow you to tightly cover your outdoor appliances. For even further protection, we also offer a variety of large, heavy-duty tarps that can handle even the biggest storms. These tarps feature thicker material and reinforced corners and eyelets to protect against high windspeeds and heavy rainfall.

Creating an Outdoor Washer and Dryer Shed with a Carport

Do you need a solution that helps to create an enclosure to protect from stormy weather? Carports and canopies are a great choice that will allow you to create a semi-permanent situation for your outdoor washer and dryer that you can set up and take down as you need it. Portable garages at Canopies and Tarps come in many sizes and shapes at varying price points. We also offer steel storage sheds for an even sturdier solution that doesn't require constructing wooden housing for outdoor appliances.