Prevent Winter Kills with Heavy Duty Pond Liners and These 3 Actions

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 13th 2014

You just set up your water garden and koi area this summer and made it a point to use our heavy duty pond liners. Now youre wondering one thing. What can I do to help my ponds aquatic life survive the winter? In our experience, installing heavy duty poly pond liners is just the first step to helping the pond weather winters fury. Sure, theyll help keep the water where it needs to be but youll also have to worry about water temperature and aeration. They are two of the chief reasons why pond life doesnt survive the winter. With that said, here are three actions that will help keep them from ruining all of your hard work:

1.) Heat

To keep an area of the pond warm enough not to freeze, try installing a deicer. They tend to run on electricity and get placed at the ponds edge inside of insulated housing. Most of them are preprogrammed to turn on and off automatically, based on the temperature. When they do turn on, they are powerful enough to keep small sections of ponds ice free without heating up the water to dangerous levels.

2.) Aerate

In addition, it may be helpful to install an aerator or diminutive water pump too. However, it is vital that whichever device you choose, it doesnt destroy the lining or stir up the lower reaches of the pond. Thats because in order for most pond life to survive, they need to access water that is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, the water closet to the bottom of the pond tends to be the warmest. So if your aerator or pump pulls the colder, surface layers down deep enough, it could cool the bottom layers to a point where they are no longer capable of sustaining life.

3.) Clear

Finally, its important to keep the snow off of any remaining ice. Otherwise, the amount of sunlight and oxygen reaching the aquatic life will be reduced to dangerous levels. Oh, and make sure that when youre removing the snow you dont fall in or damage the pond liner. To learn more about keeping ponds lined and healthy all year through, please contact us today. We have heavy duty pond liners, weather resistant tarps, carports and more in stock now.