Portable Garages: Perfect for Going from a Unhappy Space to a Blissfully One

Portable Garages: Perfect for Going from a Unhappy Space to a Blissfully One

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 18th 2015

Americas divorce rate is like a skirts hemline. It goes up and down with the times. At least thats what Bloomberg Personal Finances most recent statistics seem to indicate. They show that the number of failed marriages is slowly increasing. So if youve suddenly found yourself staring at a divorce decree, chances are youre not alone. To help make your transition from twosome to solo go smoothly, consider the following:
If the Bloomberg statistics are correct, now might be the time to get a home of your own, before demand exceeds supply. As it stands, Realtor is already reporting a decrease in housing availability nationwide and affordable rentals are starting to go fast as well. Therefore, investing in a home may prove the wiser of the two options in the long-term.

Regardless of whether you decide to rent or buy, consider utilizing portable garages. They are the perfect way to store your personal belongings while moving from the marital home to your happily single pad. Plus, portable garages can stay with you no matter where that new life takes you in the future. For example, if your new lifestyle involves big boy and girl toys, our portable garages have you covered. They are roomy enough to store boats, recreational vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters.

You can also use them to tuck away your unmentionables when company unexpectedly comes to call for an extended weekend. We've even seen our portable garages used to house seasonal supplies for entertaining. The list of examples includes barbecue grills, pool chairs, picnic tables, sun umbrellas, lawn darts and cute strands of solar lights that are meant to hang off of summer awnings. To learn more about our portable garages and how they may benefit the newly divorced, please contact us at Canopies & Tarps today. We can help everyone find the right portable storage to suit their needs now and in the future.