Portable Garages Make Excellent Seasonal Workshops for Display Designers

Portable Garages Make Excellent Seasonal Workshops for Display Designers

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Sep 3rd 2014

At about this time each year, many Americans start gearing up for the fall holiday season. Good examples are those folks that strive to have the biggest Halloween displays imaginable. They spend countless hours hammering nails, sawing wood and doing everything necessary to make decorations that will win them a spot on the nightly news or a Top 10 internet list. And if you find yourself bitten by the decorating bug too, weve got a tip to share. Portable garages make excellent workshops.

Why? Portable garages are weather resistant and unusually durable. So the Halloween build sessions dont have to stop every time Mother Nature decides to unleash some cold, autumn winds or sleet upon the world. Just make sure that if you live in an area prone to ground frost that you set up the portable garages poles before the earth freezes solid.

In addition to being weather resistant, portable garages opaque fabrics and roll-up door flaps provide secretive, holiday decorators with far more than a modicum of privacy. As a matter of fact, with todays portable garages at their disposal, crafty Halloween set designers can literally keep their display items under wraps until the day of the big reveal.

They can also count on the portable garages to provide ample ventilation when needed. For instance, lets say that you need to paint a Halloween figure and are worried about pain fumes. Creating a cross breeze to push those fumes out of the portable garage is often as easy as opening up the door flaps.

To find out more about setting up a seasonal workshop inside of a portable garage, please contact us. We have many different styles of portable garages available through our online store as well as welding blankets, machine covers, tarps, first aid kits and other items that may help holiday set designers.