Portable Garages: Expand Your Farms Storage Capacity Without Going Broke

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jun 7th 2015

You started out devoting a small area of your property to farming but this year, youve vowed to expand. Everything is selling well at the big, weekend, farmers market and those roadside stands. However, theyre not selling well enough to build another storage barn. So you wonder, Whats the easiest and least expensive way to get more storage? In a few words, you answer is portable garages.

At first blush, portable garages may not sound like theyre what your farm needs but we promise you, its true. Theyre inexpensive, moveable, easy to install, affordable and spacious. Plus, theyll stand up to the seasonal elements and rigors of farm life too. So, investing in several garages and putting them in key areas of your farmland may just be the way to go until building a permanent barn is within your reach.

There are a lot of different ways to put portable garages to use on a small, mid-size of large farm. For instance, they could be used to store extra feed, machinery, equipment, plants and other farming supplies. In addition, portable garages could be used as temporary housing for animals that may need to be isolated. Examples include sick pigs, pregnant dogs, baby rabbits and aggressive roosters.

Weve even seen portable garages used by farm hands as temporary shelters during brief dust ups or summer rain storms. And dont worry that the winds will pick it up and carry it away. The majority of portable garages in our collection are made to withstand 80-mile per hour winds. Plus, they may be weighted down with sand bags or other approved anchors to give them added support.

To find out more about them and other related products that may improve your familys life on the farm, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps today. We have portable garages of all sizes, including ones big enough to hold full-size tractors and hay bale machines.