Portable Garages: A Great Place to Store the In-Laws Vehicles

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 16th 2014

For many American families, when the in-laws arrive for the holidays, parting with prime, garage floor real estate can be difficult. After all, most folks garages are already bursting at the seams with their own motor vehicles, winter sports gear, cords of firewood and the like. So in order to park extra cars and trucks in such an already overly crowded space, drastic measures must generally be taken well in advance.

Some families opt to move their personal equipment out of the garage and cram it somewhere else for the holidays. Others make the wise choice and invest inportable garages. Portable garages come in heights, widths and lengths big enough to accommodate whichever types of motor vehicles the in-laws may choose to show up with. And yes, that includes those rock band size, custom motorhomes. So they can essentially solve the annual, Who gets to park where?” debate for most families once and for all.

The portable garages are painless to set up and may be placed on any level surface. Therefore, its generally not necessary to pour concrete, lay down a bed of shale or dump a load of sand onto the ground first. Of course homesteads that happen to be located on a slope or extremely uneven, rocky terrain are exceptions to that rule. In those cases, the ground justifiably may need to be modified first.

To learn more about solving holiday parking problems with portable garages, pleasecontact us. Delivery times are contingent on the type of portable structure ordered. As such, we habitually advocate ordering portable garages at least 16 business days prior to the in-laws expected arrival date. That should allow enough time for the garage to be delivered and set up before the extended family comes rolling into the driveway looking for their promised, preferred parking spot.