Pop Up Tents are Perfect for These 5 June Events and More

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jun 5th 2014

For those looking to host a special event in June, we cant think of a better way to get things done that orderingpop up tents. Pop up tents are compatible with many national holidays already scheduled to take place. So piggybacking onto those holidays by hosting a local or regional event should be a breeze. Here are five ideas:

1.) Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

One of the national holidays taking place is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. So setting up pop up tents outside of an animal shelter or pet shop would be ideal. The pop up tents could be used to help display cat toys, cat food, litter boxes and any cats that may be up for adoption.

2.) Georgia Blueberry Month

It also happens to be Georgia Blueberry Month. Thus, using pop up tents to establish a blueberry stand would be a great idea. Farmers, produce purveyors and chambers of commerce could also hold blueberry muffin or pie eating competitions under pop up tents too.

3.) National Soul Food Month

In addition, June is also widely recognized as National Soul Food Month. Therefore, restaurants, private chefs and food truck owners may want to set-up pop up tents and provide samples of their wares. The pop up tents could also be used to provide shady shelter for those patrons hoping to dine on soul food al fresco.

4.) National Ice Tea Month

Guess what, its National Ice Tea Month too. So why not forgo the classic lemonade stand and sell ice tea by the bottle or glass? Depending on local ordinances, areas near neighborhood parks, playgrounds and office complexes would be perfect places to set-up the tents. Other superb places to pitch an ice tea promotional tent are in front of restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, flea markets and sports courts.

5.) National Rose Month

Finally, pop up tents could also be used to celebrate National Rose Month. Simply place the pop up tent in front of a florist shop, home improvement store or other heavily trafficked area. Then sell live rose bushes, cut flowers, rose perfume, rose petals and other related items to passersby.

To find the perfect pop up tents for these June promotional opportunities and more, pleasecontact usby calling (877) 811-3911. At Canopies and Tarps, we have portable tents, greenhouses, mesh shade tarps, carports and more for insanely affordable prices.