Pop Up Tents Are A Must Have For Crafters

Pop Up Tents Are A Must Have For Crafters

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 5th 2015

If you're crafty and creative you may be able to earn extra money by selling the beautiful things you make at local craft shows. Craft shows are really popular events all over the country with big outdoor events happening every summer and Christmas-themed events happening every fall.

For inspiration on the kinds of things you can make that will be popular with buyers, you can check out popular Pinterest pins and sites like Etsy which feature handmade items.

If you plan on participating in craft shows, you will definitely want to invest in a pop up tent. Remember that not all pop up tents are created equal, and you will want to be sure the pop up tent you choose is really easy to put up and take down and that it is built to last.

If you participate in outdoor craft shows you will be really glad that you have a pop up tent to cover your booth and give you shade when the sun is shining and protect your valuable craft items when it gets rainy. A quality tent will really add a sense of professionalism to your booth and draw in the crowds.

If you want to test the waters and see how your crafts do, look for craft shows hosted by local churches. Church craft shows tend to have lower booth costs than larger community events. Of course, the larger events draw in bigger crowds and tend to offer higher sales numbers for participants.

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