Pond Liners May Fall to Winters Whims without Proper Forethought

Pond Liners May Fall to Winters Whims without Proper Forethought

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Dec 14th 2016

Whether youre raising fish or watering livestock, one thing is beyond question. Pond liners dont always make it through the winter. The chief reason for a short life is often the formation of ice. Its natural and forced movements have the potential to rip pond liners in half or at the very least, leave abrasions in its place. Accordingly, precautions must be taken well before the thermometers liquid makes its downward climb.

Adding movement to the water, whether via a bubbler or float ball, is one option if the pond is being used for fish. These options may not work in the case of livestock as they may choose to chew on whatever action generating device is left in place. Accidental consumption issues also tend to eliminate the possibility of using chemical deicers, which could sicken thirsty land mammals as well as resident fish.

Heaters often work well for both fish and mammals, just so long as the water doesnt get hot enough to degrade the pond liner. Pond liners that are not equipped to withstand heat have just as much chance as breaking open as those that are not well-suited for the cold. And air pillows dont always work either. They could deflate in the cold or rupture, just like the pond liners.
As such, the best way to prevent winter disasters is to buy pond liners that are 30 mil or more. They tend to be thick enough to take a beating from both ice and winter traffic. Also, buyers should note the liners grab tensile, tongue tear and burst strength too. Theyll all factor into a ponds ability to maintain its integrity throughout an entire winter. To learn more about how they factor into the equation and ensure that your propertys ponds remain operational this year, please contact us now.