Pond Liners and White Tarps: The Keys to Building Backyard Ice Skating Rinks

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 27th 2014

Ice skating is a fabulous activity for kids and adults. Unfortunately, in some areas, it can be hard to find a place to skate. Thats why an increasing number of Americans are turning towards super heavy-duty tarps andpond liners. They are perfect for people hoping to build their own backyard ice skating rinks for the winter. Heres why you and your family may want to give it a try:

Setting up a family ice skating rink is actually pretty easy. There are companies that sell ready-made, snap together, plastic sideboards and brackets which are used to create the ice rinks frame or you could go old school and build your own. Once the frame is in place, the pond liner is added and stapled or taped to the sideboards. Then the frame is filled with water and allowed to freeze solid. Later, the super heavy-duty tarps are used in between ice skating sessions to help keep the surface free of unwanted debris.

Speaking of which, some backyard ice skating rink enthusiasts also like to invest in hand-held resurfacing tools too. The resurfacing tools are generally nothing more than perforated metal pipe frames that are attached to normal garden hoses and outfitted with squeegee like mats. The water comes out of the pipes holes as its drug across the rinks surface and the squeegee attachments help to push it where it needs to go. For the most part, the resurfacing tools are sold through ice skating retailers for around $180 to $600 each. The price differential is caused by the size of the tool. The bigger ones obviously cost more than the tools typically used to resurface small rinks.

To get the super heavy duty tarps and pond liners you need to create a backyard ice skating rink for this year, pleasecontact ustoday. Weve got super heavy-duty, white tarps that feature arctic flexibility, UV ray resistance, reinforced edges and extra-thick laminate coatings. And as for our pond liners, theyre thick and tear resistant too.