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Polyester Canvas Tarps Water Proof 14.5 Oz.

For polyester canvas tarps built to handle tough jobs, rely on Canopies and Tarps.

Our polyester canvas covers are made for people who prefer canvas tarps but demand a high degree of strength and durability. While most canvas tarps allow some breathability, the fabric is far too weak to stand up to repeated uses - unlike your traditional polyester tarp.

Please Note: ** Canvas Tarps are made to order and take up to 4-6 weeks before shipping. Please Read Our Custom Tarp Policy Before Ordering **


That's where our super-tough polyester canvas tarps come in.

Built for Toughness

Also known as our "iron horse tarps," these polyester tarps are made in the U.S. and twice as strong as ordinary cotton canvas covers.

The key is our 100% polyester blend featuring silicone-treated yarn. That treatment gives the fibers extra strength to resist tears and punctures, and also leaves the 14.5-ounce fabric resistant to mildew, and 100% waterproof - yet still breathable. We further juice up the durability with lock-stitched seams and triple-thick hems

Spur grommets every 24 inches let you install this polyester canvas tarp exactly where you need it.

Plenty of Uses

You'll want to consider our durable polyester tarps for several important jobs:

  • Protecting equipment. If you don't have a place to store a lawnmower or other landscaping tools, cover them up and protect them from the elements. Waterproof canvas tarps are uniquely suited to the task.
  • Protecting outdoor furniture. This is especially important for prolonged periods of weather that are not conducive to outdoor entertainment. Cover up lawn chairs or picnic tables through rainy or snowy periods.
  • Hunting or camping purposes. Some campers swear by canvas tarps for shelter. Duck hunters make great use of canvas tarps for building blinds.
  • Protecting cargo in a pickup truck. Whether it's a load of groceries or a load of mulch, keep that cargo protected.

Visit our blog for many more tips and tricks for using tarps. Or contact our tarp experts: They can help you pick the best size and type of tarp for your needs.

Please Note: ** Polyester Canvas Tarps are made to order and take up to 15-20 business days before shipping. Please Read Our Custom Tarp Policy Before Ordering **