Party Tents Make Perfect Natl Hispanic American Month Celebrations Possible

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 14th 2014

Get ready to set up the colorful party tents and dance floors. Its almost time to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. Its been taking place each year, from mid September until mid October, since 1988. Prior to that, it was only a weeklong celebration. So here are a few fiesta planning ideas to help you keep the party going all month long:

The extended event, in part, is designed to recognize Spanish speaking cultures found in North America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. As such, a great way to keep the fiesta going is to highlight a different country each day. At present, there are 21 countries that recognize Spanish as their national language and many more where it is simply spoken.

Given that, dividing the countries up into groups by continent or hemisphere and setting up booths under one large party tent may simplify that planning process. Another option would be to set up more than one tent and highlight different areas inside of each one. If you do decide to go with the multiple, party tent option, consider choosing ones that match the various countries flags.

For example, the flag of Cuba is known to contain sections of white, red and blue. We have decorative party tents that feature solid blue tops as well as those with blue and white stripes. The blue and white stripes are similar to those found on the countrys flag. Once those tents are set up, you could decorate their perimeters with replicas of the flag or white star lights and red, triangular shaped flags. The party tents interiors, on the other hand, could be outfitted with matching chair and table linens.

To uncover more party tents that could be used during National Hispanic Month celebrations, please contact us today. Custom models are available. Just make sure that you allow for enough advance notice.