Party Tents Help Neighborhood Block Celebrations Continue Through Fall

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 8th 2015

Dont let falls kickoff keep the neighborhood block parties from rolling onward. After all, Oktoberfest is a perfect excuse to call everyone out of their homes and enjoy a few German brewskies as a community. Just set up party tents that have the potential to keep the afternoon breezes at bay. Theyll ensure that the neighbors will continue to raise their steins and munch on German snack foods well into the late hours of the evening.

If the neighbors have children of any age, why not get separate party tents for them? The children, especially the teenagers, will appreciate having celebration space of their own. Also, the German foods, beverages and dcor could be tailored towards age groups. For instance, the teens might like drinking non-alcoholic beer and playing European card games. Authentic games to consider are Skat, Schafkopf and Karnoffel.

Younger children may like to play Sardines, a German form of tag. The list of other German game options for the little kids includes, but isnt limited to Topfschlagen, Verstecken, Schokoladenessem, Dosenfussball and round robin. Of course they could have German-English singalongs and dances inside of the party tents providing that all of the little kids agree.

Oktoberfest block parties could be set up in other ways too. For instance, everyone could gather underneath of one party tent to socialize and a separate one could be used for refreshments. Keeping the alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments stored in a designated area may make some neighbors feel comfortable. This is particularly relevant for families that disapprove of drinking but still want to participate in the neighborhoods Oktoberfest fun.

No matter how the neighborhoods Oktoberfest is expected to be set up, please contact us for help. We can provide white tents as well as ones in Oktoberfest appropriate colors. Plus, we may be able to assist with portable seating and extra serving tables too.