Party Tents For Your Outdoor Wedding

Party Tents For Your Outdoor Wedding

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 27th 2016

Tips for Carefully Choosing Large Party Tent Rentals

Let Canopies and Tarps help you figure out wedding tent rentals, so you can determine the best option for your outdoor wedding.

It's not hard to find tents for party rental, but the quality of those tents can be questionable. After all, you are not the first person to use that large party tent - a rental company can loan out a tent countless times before retiring it, and they may not retire it until a disaster happens during an event.

If you want to rent a tent for an outdoor party, Canopies and Tarps will help you consider some of the basics.

Different Types of Tents

Outside party tents, whether purchased or rented, can create a lovely setting in nature for the big celebration. Whether you want a white tent wedding on rented garden grounds or in your backyard, the goal is to secure a tent with plenty of room for guests.

The purpose of the large party tent, of course, is to offer some protection from the elements. Not every natural area offers plentiful shade trees to drop the temperature. A wedding tent offers wonderful respite for guests and attendants who may be dressed up nicely, and don't want to worry about perspiration stains. So put some thought into how large of a tent you'd like.

Then, you must decide if you want an open-air tent cover, or an outdoor wedding tent with added front, side and back panels. If the wedding is in a temperate month with no weather extremes expected, consider an open-air canopy tent with a top cover to prevent overexposure to heat and light rain.

If your wedding event is in a month with unpredictable weather on the horizon, consider adding one or two side panels, or four panels: two side panels, a front panel and a back panel. At Canopies and Tarps, you can choose from a large selection of outside wedding and wedding reception tents.

The advantage of choosing a store like Canopies and Tarps is that each size tarp lists the number of people you can comfortably accommodate, with different numbers available for stand-up receptions, sit-down rehearsal dinners, and wedding ceremonies with guests seated in rows. That takes the guesswork out of choosing the right size tent.

Imagine your ceremony is in a pretty forest glade, but a few drops of rainfall. Perhaps you need a canopy to cover the ceremony (which is a lovely option, regardless of the weather), or to protect your ceremony musicians and their delicate instruments. A small, inexpensive canopy will serve the purpose. You can even use a small tent or canopy to camouflage portable toilets.


Adding Outside Event Tents to Indoor Wedding Venues

Even if you're planning an inside wedding and wedding reception, an extra outside event tent will be welcomed by your guests. Use a smaller tent as a waiting area for the wedding party; they won't be crowded together inside, and they will be protected from the elements beneath a canopy.

An outdoor tent is a lovely option in pretty weather to take breaks from crowded indoor receptions to talk among friends or relatives in comfortably arranged seating beneath a party tent outside. A wedding event planner can station a band playing dance tunes inside, and a jazz combo or solo musician outside beneath a wedding event tent with seating to vary the mood and music.

Party tents come in a variety of sizes, so you will have plenty of room for your guests to relax in the shade. On a hot day, a tent is effectively cooled by a simple fan. Tents are available in stripes, white, elegant pastels or festive colors.

Tents and canopies are simple to set up and fun to decorate to your taste. You can wrap the poles with ribbon or fabric for a gala look.

As for lighting, options are practically unlimited. You can install temporary bistro lights, twinkle lights or theatrical-type lighting. Just remember to plan so that electrical power is available.

Ask for Advice: It's Free

It can be overwhelming to plan a wedding outdoors or inside with added outdoor venues. At Canopies and Tarps, our party tent experts are here to offer guidance that can help you find the right sizes of tents, the best styles for your special event, and at the right prices to keep you on budget.

Whatever you choose, your canopy or tent will provide a setting for celebrations and gatherings for years to come.