Party Tents for Valentines Day Single Ladies & Gents Parties are on Sale Now

Party Tents for Valentines Day Single Ladies & Gents Parties are on Sale Now

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 13th 2015

Valentines Day isnt just for lovers. An increasing number of singles are celebrating the holiday too. Many do so by hosting a special dinner or dance for all of their single friends and family members. If you are looking to do the same in February 2015, wed suggest buying party tents now. That way, there will be no doubt that youll get the tent you need and have plenty of time to set it up before the big day.

Because the holidays roots trace back to Roman times, it may be fun to host a toga party underneath of the tent. Even if you live in a cold climate, this is still possible as long as you also invest in a portable heater. There are several on the market that may be used with fireproof or fire retardant tents. If you do decide to go with a Grecco-Roman theme, consider decorating the party tents interior and exterior with greenery. It was a popular form of decoration during the times. Most craft stores across America sell faux garland that may be conveniently utilized for such purposes.

Of course youll also want to think about buying some extra greenery for the creation of laurel wreaths and crowns. If youve never made one before, theres a great DIY video on Pinterest that may help or you may just want to buy wreaths readymade. Either way, they should add a bit of dramatic flair to your Valentines Day party for single ladies and gents.

At Canopies & Tarps, our knowledgeable staff is prepared to help Valentines Day event planners like you select party tents large enough to accommodate all expected attendees. We can also help you place an order for foldable, plastic banquet chairs and long, rectangular tables. To speak with a staff member and discuss the specifics of your Valentines Day order, please contact us today.