Party Tents and Photo Booths May Aid Marketers with Holiday Sales Efforts

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 13th 2014

The National Retail Federation and PWCs FY 2014 fourth quarter predictions are in. Have you looked at them yet? If not, you should do so soon. Consumers are on track to spend a respectable amount and they are expected to do so in a predictable manner. Experts widely believe that will include searching online for deals and sharing what theyve found with others. With that said, party tents and photo booths, in conjunction with omni-channel marketing strategies may help drive holiday sales, especially in mall settings.

Despite the proliferation of online stores, more than 89% of all retail spending in our country may be traced back to mall settings. However, todays consumers generally start their search for the perfect deal online. Once they find it, theyre likely to spend close to an hours time checking the item out at their local retailer before closing the deal. So retailers may want to set up a party tent and photo booth that allows shoppers to capture that precise moment, when feel good emotions are running high. Buyers are likely to turn around and share their photos with online friends, which could help to further drive holiday foot and web traffic.

Many high quality, high volume booths feature branded backdrops that may be customized to meet a companys seasonal needs and we have party tents with translucent walls. Together, theyll help attract the attention of passersby. In addition, some photo booth services include valuable social media integration like the ability to instantly broadcast photos over Twitter, FB and e-mail. Customized FB wall messages, special hashtags and a post-event e-mail database can be part of the deal too. Understandably, corporate marketing gurus can take it a step further by tying the photos to their blogging, Google+, newsfeeds and Instagram efforts as well as temporary information sharing apps like SnapChat.

To learn more and setup a party tent big enough to hold a photo session sometime between now and the end of FY 2014, please contact us straightaway.