Outdoor Pop Up Tents Help Business Owners Promote Major Events

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Aug 2nd 2016

Great Outdoors Month is blowing into view. So as a wise business person, what are you going to do about it? Weve got ideas your welcome to use and they all start with high-quality, pop up tents. Premium, pop up tents are easy to set up and care for, which makes pulling off promotional events easy. With starting prices under $300, the instant canopy kits are undoubtedly an excellent deal. However, for a little bit more you can score pop up tents perfect for food services and festive carnivals. Now on to the Great Outdoors Month ideas that weve already promised you:

Unveil a New Application " Why not use the annual holiday to unveil a new application for peoples mobile devices? Mobile remains hot and apps, believe it or not, can help get them outdoors. For example, it could highlight the outdoor items your business has for sale and explain how to utilize them in any given situation. Cell phone guided tour apps, direction, fitness and history apps all have their place in Great Outdoors Month celebrations too. To celebrate the apps unveiling, just set up an instant canopy and give onsite demonstrations.

Host a Refreshment Stand " If apps arent your thing, you could always set up refreshment stands at recreation sites near the store. Theyre a great way to lure people over to your sales staff. Plus, it offers opportunities to raise funds for conservation related charities or reward people who help clean up local parks. Of course if you choose to open a stand, investing in a 10 x 10 food tent with mesh walls is your best bet.

Offer Opportunities to Play Games of Chance " Finally, you could put up a pop up tent and invite people to play games of chance. The games could be outdoor themed. Winners could receive recycled water bottles and other eco-friendly, recreational related goodies. Any pop up tent would be suitable for a game station but we prefer the instant carnival canopy with colorful, striped skirting. To learn more, please contact us.