Motor into National Good Car Care Month with Stylish Pop-Up Tents in the Trunk

Motor into National Good Car Care Month with Stylish Pop-Up Tents in the Trunk

Posted by Canopies Tarps on May 16th 2016

National Good Car Care Month is motoring into view. Traditionally held every May, it marks a time when everyone should pay a little more attention to their four-wheeled friends. What kind of attention? Cleaning those car ports and portable garages are one task. And depending on how well the cleaning goes, maybe thinking about canopy top replacements might be in order too.

Once the car and its storage area are in tip-top shape, there is one more thing to do. Grab pop up tents and hit the road. Why hit the road? Well, May is traditionally the kick off of car show season in all of the cold weather states. Warmer states may start their car show season beforehand. And with those shows come road rallies and other motorsport events that could only be made better with the right pop-up tent at your side.

Which pop-up tents are perfect for motor touring season? Wed suggest ones that fit inside of average size trunks, truck beds or motorhomes under storage areas. They are the type of pop-up tents typically sold as packages. The packages often include a soft-sided case, collapsible walls, valance, poles and stakes. Of course packages arent necessary for those that dont mind buying or toting their pop-up tents piece meal.

Pop-up tents for motor touring should also be visually appealing, so they draw attention at crowded venues. Not only will they draw strangers eyes to your baby, theyll make your tailgate site easier to find in overpopulated sporting events. The list of great tent fabric colors for standing out includes but isnt confined to bold yellows, fiery reds, bright whites and darker colors with contrasting, splashy graphics.

For additional help finding perfect, Good Car Care Month tents, please contact us this week and ask for our auto event experts.