Make Your Business Stand Out With a Pop Up Tent

Make Your Business Stand Out With a Pop Up Tent

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 17th 2019

If you're starting a small craft business or farm, odds are you'll be participating in a lot of outdoor markets, fairs, and other events to get your name out there and start making sales. A pop-up tent is a must for these events. Some markets will even require all vendors to have them for safety and aesthetic reasons, but even if they don't, you'll definitely want a good one that can stand up to the elements.

Some of the top reasons your business needs a pop up tent are:

–Protection from the elements.You, your products, and your customers all need protection from the sun or the rain. With a good pop up tent, you won't have to skip an event because of bad weather.

–Branding and signage.A tent provides multiple ways to display your brand and let customers know what you're offering. You can hang a sign from the back tent legs, post price lists and special deals on the front ones, and use the rest of the tent frame to hang products, shopping bags, or more signage.

–A professional appearance.A sturdy, clean tent helps your event display look professional and organized. Setting up a table out in the open can look sloppy; a tent with good signage and engaging displays shows that you're a serious entrepreneur and draws in customers.

What should you look for when shopping for a pop up tent for your business? The ideal tent is durable, easy to set up, portable, and should come with a few key accessories (tent stakes, shade walls). Don't settle for the cheapest tent you find -you want a tent you love using and one that will last your business through at least a few years of heavy use. And make sure to take safety seriously -use weights and tent stakes, and take down large signs in heavy winds.

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