Maintain the Condition of Canopy Top Replacements with 3 DIY Tips

Maintain the Condition of Canopy Top Replacements with 3 DIY Tips

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Apr 13th 2016

Replacing the top of your canopy can be a costly part of keeping your yard looking its best, but it is necessary if the canopy is in poor shape. After investing in canopy top replacements, you should take the time to get familiar with what kind of maintenance is needed to extend the lifetime of the replacement.



Clean Thoroughly After Each Season

The weather can do a lot of damage to a canopy top, making it important to clean the top of the canopy after each season.

To clean the canopy, remove it carefully from the frame and wash it using a mild soap and water. Allow the canopy to dry in the sunlight and avoid leaving it wadded up where mildew could grow.

Tighten the Frame Periodically

The frame of the canopy could begin to get loose after regular use, making it important to tighten the screws and fasteners from time to time. This could be done after you wash the canopy top or whenever you notice that the legs seem wobbly. With this quick bit of maintenance, the canopy can continue standing strong and reduce the need for repairs later.

Check for Any Damage After Storms

Similar to the kind of damage that could occur after each season, your canopy top could be damaged due to heavy wind or rain from storms. Climbing onto a ladder and inspecting the top of the canopy can help you can catch if there any holes that need patching.
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