Is it Safe to Store Gas Powered Landscaping Equipment in Portable Garages?

Is it Safe to Store Gas Powered Landscaping Equipment in Portable Garages?

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Apr 24th 2016

It takes a lot to keep a lawn looking like something out of a home and garden magazine. And were not just talking about weekend labor. It also requires electric or gasoline powered equipment. Many people with large lawns choose the gasoline powered ones because they dont want to be encumbered by thick cords. However, choosing gas-powered ones also involves adopting the right storage protocol.

This brings us to one critical, landscaping question. Is it safe to store gasoline-powered, landscaping equipment inside of portable garages? We turned to the American Burn Association and American Petroleum Institutes gasoline storage guidelines for advice. Both strongly indicate that selecting an outside storage area is paramount to the safety of people, pets and property. So yes, portable garages are perfectly safe places to store all of ones landscaping equipment, whether its electric or gas-powered.

If you are storing gasoline powered items, there are other ways to ensure everyones safety too. For instance, make sure that before the items go into the portable garage that you wipe them down first. Wiping them down will help remove gasoline residue as well as other potential fuel sources. Also, ensure that the storage containers youre using to hold spare gas meet the organizations well-published guidelines.

Finally, select portable garages that are made with special fabrics. Look for fabrics that will keep out the sun, heat and other elements that may cause the gasoline to catch fire. And speaking of fire, choosing retardant materials is a must too. Although they wont stop the portable garages from catching fire, theyll at least help keep the blaze from getting out of control too quickly.

To learn more about securely storing landscaping equipment in portable garages, please contact us. We can help commercial and residential property owners outfit their real estate with the perfect portable garages.