Is it Necessary to Choose Snow and Wind Rated Canopies for Outdoor Use?

Is it Necessary to Choose Snow and Wind Rated Canopies for Outdoor Use?

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Feb 3rd 2016

Each year, people talk about how cold it gets outside. Thankfully, Californians dont have to deal with the kind of toe-numbing temperatures found in places like Caribou, Maine and Jackson, Wyoming. They drop so low that The Weather Channel has previously named them two of the most frigid locales in the nation. Even so, all places have their chilly moments and that leads one to ask, Is it necessary to buy snow and wind rated canopies for outdoor use?

Our outdoor shelter experts readily admit that anyone hoping to use canopies year round should definitely take a look at wind and snow ratings. Wind and snow ratings, although not fail safe, will help buyers in places like Gunnison, Colorado and International Falls, Minnesota determine if the canopies theyre interested in will withstand their respective regions brutal winters. Which incidentally, are known to boast temperatures as low as -55 degree Fahrenheit!

Wind ratings for canopies typically take into account how many miles per hour may hit a structure before the material tears away from the frame. Snow load ratings, on the other hand, are normally listed as pounds per square foot. So, they only take into account how much snow may pile on top of the canopy before it gives way. Thus, neither rating takes into account sub-zero temperatures and snow blind conditions.

To ensure that canopies withstand those two elements, buyers should also look at the products UV resistance and thermal capabilities too. Together with the snow and wind ratings, they should give buyers a fairly accurate view of just how tough a canopy is before they invest in one and put it to use in extreme conditions. To learn more about the ratings and find a combination that works for a given region, please contact our outdoor canopy experts today.