Intl. Drum Month Event Idea: Put up a Party Tent and Host a Drum Circle

Intl. Drum Month Event Idea: Put up a Party Tent and Host a Drum Circle

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Mar 18th 2015

Did you know that each May, the Percussion Marketing Council sponsors International Drum Month events? Its true and now is the ideal time to make your celebratory plans. It doesnt matter if you are a music store owner, concert hall manager or simply someone who just loves to drum. Everyone is welcome to get in on the drumming fun and celebrate. We can help provide you with high-quality party tents, folding chairs and banquet tables. So, thats a large chunk of the planning process that you can count on to go smoothly.

If youre stuck for drumming event ideas, dont worry. We have a few thoughts on the subject. For instance, you could hold a drumming circle. Drum circles are fun and family friendly. All you need are party tents, folding chairs, hand-held frame drums or bongos and a drum leader. Place the chairs underneath of the party tent in circle formation. One drum should be placed in front of each chair. So, attendees can simply walk in and participate on the spot.

When the event starts, the drum leader can teach the attendees how to play the drums with their hands. Then he or she can lead them in a group drumming session. During the event, the drum leader can also talk about the history of percussion instruments and what role theyve played in society over the centuries. He or she could even branch off into a discussion about how early drums were made. After the drumming session, consider giving attendees a chance to buy their own frame or bongo drums and invite them to become members of a community drum circle group.

To discuss more International Drum Month events that can take place underneath of our party tents, please contact us today. We have all of the best tents, tables and chairs for outdoor events on sale now. Plus, new arrivals and hot deals are coming in every day. So, you never know what great additions may pop up on sale before your big drum month event.