Intense Solar Rays in August Make Shade Tarps a Necessity

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 30th 2014

According to the Sun Safety Alliance, August is one of the months when the suns rays are most intense. And that can spell disaster for our skin, outdoor furniture and lawns. Thats why wed like to remind everyone to seek cover under our mesh shade tarps or sun shade sails whenever possible.

At this point, you may be curious as to why August tends to be one of the worst times of the year to be caught without a shade tarp. Simply put, during the month of August the earths axis is severely tilted. As a result, the suns rays are more concentrated and dont have to travel far to reach the ground.

Hence why we make sure that our mesh shade tarps are designed to keep up to 75% of the suns UV rays at bay. Our sun shade sails, on the other hand, will stop much more than that. In our experience, theyll prevent up to 90% of the rays from reaching the ground. Given how intense the rays are, thats an excellent start. But we wouldn't suggest stopping there.

Although there is no doubt that our mesh shade tarps and sun shade sails are very effective at blocking the suns rays, it doesn't take much for sunburns and other related problems to arise. So we would like to encourage everyone to take additional precautions as well.

For example, try and cover outdoor furniture with UV resistant tarps before and after use. Putting them underneath of our mesh shade tarps and sun shade sails is obviously advisable too. Taking both actions will help prevent the paint and fabrics from fading. It should also help minimize the deterioration of any plastic furniture.

As for lawns and plant life, water them during the early evening hours and consider putting them underneath of a mesh shade tarp during the hottest parts of the day. Such actions should reduce incidents of burnt leaves and wilting stalks. To learn more about how our mesh shade tarps and sun shade sails can help everyone get through the hottest days of August in comfort and style, please contact us.