How to Blend Canopies In With Your Backyard Landscaping

How to Blend Canopies In With Your Backyard Landscaping

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 6th 2015

Getting a canopy set up in your backyard can be an effective way to add extra shade and a visual focal point, but it can also look out of place if you arent careful before setting it up. Along with simply choosing a good place for the canopy to be installed, youll need to look into the various ways to have canopies fit in with the rest of the landscaping.



Consider Growing Vines Around the Canopy

An easy way to help the canopy blend in is by growing vines along the sides of the canopy. This could be done either by setting up trellises near the sides of the canopy or actually growing the vinery on the surface itself.

Choose a Neutral Colored Canopy

Canopies vary greatly in colors, allowing you to choose a style that works well with your yard. If you already have patio furniture, for example, youll want to choose a canopy colored similarly or go for a very neutral shade such as light brown or grey. By avoiding bright colors and busy patterns, the canopy can feel like a natural addition to your yard.

Pick the Appropriate Height for the Canopy

Height is an important factor to consider when comparing different canopies for sale. In order for the canopy to be functional, yet blend in nicely, youll want to choose a style that isnt too tall so that it doesnt become the only thing you see when looking into your yard.
With all of our options for canopies that can be used in your backyard, its a good idea to do some research before making a purchase. For any advice regarding our selection, feel free to contact us.