Give in to Big Dog Show Envy: Order Party Tents and Host Your Own

Give in to Big Dog Show Envy: Order Party Tents and Host Your Own

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 11th 2015

Did watching the last Westminster Kennel Club or Crufts Dog Shows leave you feeling inspired? If so, maybe you should consider hosting your own local dog show this year. It will undoubtedly require a lot of work, party tents and kennels but the rewards are likely to be great. To help you plan your show, we've put together a handful of basic tips:

First, decide how big you want the dog show to be and which pedigrees will be included. Sketch out your categories and choose a venue that is big enough to accommodate your dog show plans. Then order party tents that can be used for the main show, ancillary exhibitions, registration and dog grooming activities. Of course youll want to secure a series of dog kennels too. Just in case the shows participants neglect to bring their own.

Second, make sure that you purchase event insurance. Afterward, arrange for a vet and security guards to be on site during the course of the dog show. Having them there will make sure that both four-legged and two-legged attendees remain safe throughout the day or evenings festivities.
Third, contact a local landscaping crew that is willing and able to clean up after the dogs. After all, wherever dogs roam, there is bound to be little piles of poop and puddles of pee. Yes, we know that responsible dog owners clean up after their own pets but there is a chance that not everyone in attendance will follow the rules.

Fourth, come up with a marketing, advertising and public relations plan for your dog show. Then start executing the plan accordingly. The list of components to consider including in your plans are press releases, live streaming, social media, radio remotes, television and newspaper ads.

Fifth, if you have any concerns about which party tents, dog kennels, safety fencing, portable tables, chairs to buy, please contact us. We have those items on sale, year-round, at our online store. Plus, our Canopies & Tarps staff members are experts at assisting event planners of all types. So, we are more than happy to help guide newbies through the purchasing process and beyond.