Greet April Showers with Vinyl Tarps for Rain Catchers

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Apr 4th 2019

Rainwater harvesting isn't just for farms anymore. It's an economical and environmentally friendly source of water for any home or business. Now that spring is returning, you can turn a simple vinyl tarp into a rain catcher. Use the water you collect to water your garden, flush your toilets, wash your car, and many other functions. Even a small tarp can collect many gallons of water. Here's how to get started.

How to Build a Vinyl Tarp Rain Catcher:

Start out with a new clean tarp. Tie each corner to a suitable support like a tree branch or trellis. Then, place barrels or other containers at the corners to catch the runoff. Make sure your tarp slopes down so the water will flow into your containers where you want it. Be sure to check your state and local laws too because collecting rainwater is illegal in some states or requires a special permit or other conditions.

Additional Water Friendly Garden Ideas:

To save even more water, use your tarp along with other popular strategies. Collect additional rainwater by putting one or more rain barrels underneath your gutter downspouts. When planting your garden, choose native species whenever possible because they're suited to local conditions and will require less care. When you're watering your plants, make it as efficient as possible. Less frequent but thorough watering does more good than daily light spraying because you'll be getting the roots moist enough to support healthy growth. As always, avoid the midday sun so you don't waste water that will quickly evaporate. Early morning is the best time of day. Educating yourself about drought-tolerant plants and gardening techniques is an effective way to keep your garden thriving during water restrictions or anytime you want to use water wisely.

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