Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 8th 2015

Tarps are great tools for protecting anything from a vehicle to firewood. They protect from wind, rain, sun, snow, hail (depending on the size of course), dust and grime. Fire retardant tarpaulins add an extra obvious protection. Although it isnt needed in all cases, here are a few times and places where it might be helpful:


This is an obvious place to use a fire retardant tarp. We do want firewood to eventually burn, but only at the right time and place.


If you are storing combustible items in or near your tarp, it might be helpful to use a fire retardant. Although a fire retardant tarp wont stop a fire it is retardant, not fire proof, it might be enough to protect other items from catching fire, or slow it down enough to put the fire out.

High Fire Danger Zone

If you live in an area that experiences high fire danger seasons, using fire retardant tarps could make a huge difference. They can also be used when using heat or fire outside to prevent sparks from igniting nearby tender.

Protecting a Campfire (during a rainy camping trip)

Although there are certainly risks associated with using a tarp to cover a fire during rain, there are ways to set up a tarp as a lean-to that provides protection for you and your camp mates as you cook, warm up, or just relax around the fire. And if you are using a tarp for this, it is best to use a fire retardant tarp.

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