Dos and Donts of Setting Up Turkey Bowls with Hay Covers and Pop-Up Tents

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Sep 30th 2014

Are you ready for all of those great events that typically take place at this time of year? Yes, we are referring to hay rides, haunted corn field walks, cider festivals, pumpkin patches and turkey bowling competitions. If not, dont sweat it. Weve gothay coversand pop-up tents on sale. Plus, today, weve got a few turkey bowl dos and donts that you may find helpful:

Do consider using plastic or paper mache turkeys full of play sand in lieu of frozen birds. By doing so, youll keep the event costs down and avoid wasting food. After all, any frozen turkeys that bust out of their wrappers during the event would have to be tossed into the trash. And who wants to throw away food when so many people continue to go without?

Dont forget to protect the bale-lined bowling lanes with hay covers at the end of the night. Weve got square bale hay covers in stock that should fit most, if not all, of them perfectly. The covers will help keep the play area from becoming one wet, moldy, stinky mess. Plus, if the bales are kept dry and clean, youll be able to recycle them at the end of the event too.

Do set up pop-up tents near the start of the bowling lane and along their sides. The one at the start of the lane could be used for turkey bowl registration activities and the others would prove to be great shelters for attendees.

Dont miss the opportunity to sell concessions and souvenirs. In most instances, items priced less than $10 tend to sell the best at turkey bowling events. Items to consider adding to the concession stands menu are turkey sausage, turkey burgers and turkey salad sandwiches. All three may be prepped a head of time and finished off underneath of pop-up tents once the event gets underway.

To learn more about hay covers, pop-up tents and other items that will help make turkey bowling events run smooth, pleasecontact ustoday.