Dont Forget to Protect Boats and Supplies with Canopy Top Replacements

Dont Forget to Protect Boats and Supplies with Canopy Top Replacements

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 14th 2014

August lazily turning into September should serve as a pertinent reminder. Its time to start thinking about boat storage. If you plan on storing your vessel the same way that most others do, better consider canopy top replacement sooner rather than later. Although we always keep ample canopies in stock, no two storage areas are the same. And custom orders take time to complete.

We have standard, valance and canopy enclosure replacements, including ShelterLogic products. Some of the canopy tops are large enough to accommodate a boat and tow vehicle whereas others are best suited to protect the boat. The replacement covers, regardless of size, come in a range of colors and the fabrics are pretreated. So you can count on then to be weather resistant, rot proof, mildew proof and of the utmost quality.

After your first-class canopy top replacement arrives and its been put into its rightful place, remember to check the boat for sun damage. With the cooler weather close at hand, its a perfect time to buff out any UV damage to the boats hull and apply a new layer of gelcoat, sun resistant paint or boat wax. Just make sure that you wash the boat first to remove any grime that may prevent the protective chemicals from doing their job and follow the manufacturers instructions.

If your vessel has upholstered seating, you might want to clean and protect those too, especially before starting your normal winterization routine. For the best results, use first-rate, quick-drying products that address mildew formation, cracking and fading. Ones that may help are Star Brites Boat Guard, Heavy-Duty Cleaner Wax, Vinyl Cleaner and Polish. Some of them are designed to do double duty, which may save you some serious time.

To find out more about choosing canopy top replacements to protect your boat as summer comes to an end, please contact us toll-free or online.