Dog Kennels Let Old Dogs and Low Energy Breeds Chill Out

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Nov 26th 2017

Some dog lovers fall for Border Collies and Jack Russell Terriers, and others prefer the low energy breeds. If your dog is your best friend, but he's not exactly a real go getter, you might want to keep adog kennelhandy. While any dog can appreciate having a place to call their own, it's especially important for low energy breeds.

Protect your dog's health:Many low energy breeds like bulldogs and pugs have flat faces that can make it difficult to breathe and cool off. A kennel is one way to help keep them from overexerting themselves outdoors if they're tempted to chase too many squirrels. On the other hand, an older Newfoundland might look like he's trying to set a world record for the longest nap, so you want a shelter to protect him from the sun.

Build your dog's confidence:Many toy dogs tend to be fearful around strangers and other dogs. After all, most creatures are like dinosaurs towering over them, and they don't have the endurance to take long walks so they might not become very familiar with the world beyond their own home. When they're safe inside a kennel, they can get used to feeling more secure in a busier environment.

Keep your dog engaged:Whether your dog was born a couch potato or slowed down as he aged, he still needs some exercise to stay mentally and physically fit. He'll probably get more stimulation outside in his kennel so you may extend his life and have more years to spend with him.

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