Dog Kennel and Crate Cover Tarpaulins

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 13th 2016

Not only do we sell dog kennels and crates, we also sell a variety of tarpaulins and canopies to help protect your four-legged family member (or members) from the elements.

For summer, we sell mesh shade tarps, specifically designed for dog kennels. It is a great way to let your dog enjoy the fresh outside air, as well as prevent them from getting too hot in the sun. The shade tarps can reduce the temperature by up to 15 degrees F. They are designed to allow 25% of light through and they allow natural breezes to blow through the kennel. Heavy duty grommets are spaced every 12″ to allow for a secure attachment. The mesh shade tarps come in a variety of colors so you can match your home's exterior and landscaping.

For winter, we have sloped roof canopies to allow rain, snow and ice to slide off. The canopies use all weather fabric and are gabled to keep the kennel area free of snow so your pet can play outside all year long without getting snow and ice in it's paws. The kit comes with a center pole and the hardware for the peak. These canopies are designed to fit our 5'x5′, 5'x10′ and 5'x15′ dog kennels. In addition to providing protection from cold and wet, the canopies also provide shade in the summer months.

If you like to travel and play in the outdoors, there is the dog travel kennel. It is designed to fit in the back of an SUV or truck. The kennel is perfect for RVers who want to let their “best friend” have time outside but also protect them from outside dangers. It includes a tarp to also protect from the elements. It can also be used to bring your pet to public parks, beaches, camping, or anywhere else you like to play outside.

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