Do You Know How to Care for Canopy Top Replacement Zippers in the Winter?

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 13th 2016

Whether its on your snow suit or yourcanopy top replacements, there is perhaps nothing worse in the wintertime than a stuck zipper. So what can be done about it? At Canopies and Tarps, we dont deal with snowsuits but we do know how to handle the zippers on canopy panels. With that said, weve listed the best ways to address a problematic zipper. Read on for our tips:

Do consider adding a lubricant that wont succumb to your regions winter weather. For some of us, that leaves the field wide open for items like olive oil and petroleum jelly. In other areas, it may be best to stick with crayons, candle wax and graphite. Theres also a brand name, dry lubricant to consider. Its calledSlide-Alland comes in a spray can. Youll generally find it where Elmers glue products are sold.

Dont forget that canopy top replacements may be purchased piecemeal. So if a zipper breaks on one of the panels this winter, simply replace it. Our waterproof panels come with backup, button snaps. As such, theyll keep the canopy area sealed even if the zipper continues to fail for unseen reasons.

Do think about placing an approved heat source near the canopy or placing the structure in an area where it gets at least some sun. The sun and snow glare may just generate enough warmth to keep the canopy top panels zippers from freezing shut during the night. If you dont want to buy an approved heat source or relocate the structure, a few quick passes with a household blow-dryer may just work.

To learn more about caring for the zippers and button snaps that are included with canopy top replacement panels, pleasecontact us. We have ready-made, zipper-clad panels for structures that range in size from 10 to 18 feet in length.