Do You Have Enough Tarps and Emergency Supplies for the 2014 Hurricane Season?

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Mar 26th 2014

In no time at all, the 2014 hurricane season will be upon us. It is expected to start on May 15th in the Eastern Pacific. The Central Pacific and Atlantic seasons, on the other hand, are both slated to kickoff on June 1st. All three are anticipated to continue until the end of November. So now is a great time to determine whether or not you have enough blue roofing tarps and other emergency supplies to see your family through.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have an assortment of weather resistant, blue roof tarps in stock. You can use them along with drainage tarps to make temporary repairs. Our blue roof tarps range in size from 10 x 18 to 30 x 60. And you can count of each one to provide total protection from water and UV rays. They are reasonably priced and we do sell them in bulk too.

In addition to the tarps, we also have a selection of survival kits, hurricane emergency kits, first aid kits and other emergency gear on hand. We are exceptionally proud of our hurricane emergency kits. They are stocked with everything that two people need to safely withstand a 72 hour long period in relative comfort. If you have more than two people in your family, you could opt to add to the existing kit or purchase supplemental ones like the Survival Pal for Children or the Guardian Deluxe Office Survival Kit.

Our first aid kits come in a variety of forms too. Some of them, like the First Responder Bag, come equipped with CPR masks, scalpels and stethoscopes. Others, like the PRO-II Trauma Bag, contain cervical collars, universal splints, suture sets, tourniquets and ammonia inhalants.

Last but not least, its a good idea to grab pop-up tents, rain ponchos, emergency sleeping bags, body warmers and blankets too. Many of those items are compact enough to fit right in with any one of the kits that we mentioned previously. To learn more about our tarps, tents and other emergency supplies that can help you get through the 2014 hurricane season, please contact us at (877) 811-3911. We ship fast and replacement items are available year round.