Do You Have Enough Party Tents for Youth Art Month?

Do You Have Enough Party Tents for Youth Art Month?

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 5th 2015

Every spring, people all across the country celebrate Youth Art Month. It is a holiday that was created by art enthusiasts in the early 1960s. The events that typically take place during the month-long observance include childrens art displays, art competitions, community mural painting parties, art shows, outdoor art sales, workshops and lectures on art. There are even groups that hold art auctions and fundraising events designed to benefit childrens art programs. So, groups that would like to get in on the Youth Art Month action in the days ahead, should think about ordering party tents now.

The best assortment of party tents in California may be found through our Canopies & Tarps online store. We sell everything from commercial duty, decorative, pop-up and luxury tents to pop-up gazebos and shade canopies. Our open-sided party tents are perfect for art events when the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny. The tents with side walls, especially those with windows, can be used in the event of inclement weather. They are also ideal for Youth Art Events that are slated to take place during the evening hours, even if the weather is supposed to be chilly. Why? Some of the tents are treated with fire retardants. So, Youth Art Month event planners can add warm to the tents interiors by setting up a portable, outdoor heater.

In addition to the items we mentioned above, Youth Art Month event planners will also find a great selection of portable chairs, tables, safety fences and other setup supplies at out online store. The safety fences, by the way, come in two colors, neon green and orange. They are sold by the roll and the mesh is typically 70 x 40 mm. It is treated to resist wind and UV rays. Plus, the bright colors make the safety fences highly visible, even in periods of low light (e.g. sunrise and sunset). To learn more about them and other supplies for Youth Art Month, please contact us.