Do Premium Pond Liners and Verdant, Vegetation Shelves Go Well Together?

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Mar 14th 2016

After much deliberation, youve decided to incorporate submerged and above ground, vegetation shelves in to your propertys landscape. Congratulations, excellent choice and were sure youve got questions about pulling it all together. After all, the shelves arent going to build themselves and youre going to need more than just pond liners.

Wed suggest super heavy-duty, mesh shade, chemical resistant and economy tarps. Theyll help move the soil, rocks and lawn debris around during the construction process. Hay tarps may turn out to be beneficial too, especially if you plan on putting grass seed down in certain areas. The hay will protect the seeds and the covers will keep the bundles safe until youre ready to break out the spreader.

As you excavate the pond, dig out earthen shelves and buttress them with brick pavers or bluestone slabs. Theyll have to be strong enough to withstand the weight of plastic pots filled with plants and other pond life as well as normal water pressure. Once the stone or paver lined shelves are in place, cover them thoroughly with tear resistant pond liners.

The liners will hopefully prevent the shelves from deteriorating or shifting under the weight of normal use. Next, place the planters on to their respective shelves and arrange them as desired. Most pond builders tend to go with at least four layers of water plants but it isnt mandatory. The layers include marginals, oxygenators, rooted and rootless floaters.

And dont forget that many aquatic plants will reproduce unassisted by humans. So, dont overload the shelves during the construction process. Otherwise, unpleasant maintenance problems are sure to follow once the plants start reproducing on their own. To learn more and have all of your pond liner questions answered during the design or construction phase, please contact Canopies and Tarps today.