Did You Know That Worn Pond liners May Be Recycled to Make Small Habitats?

Did You Know That Worn Pond liners May Be Recycled to Make Small Habitats?

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Aug 2nd 2016

The life expectancy of pond liners is determinant on a number of things. The good ones may last several decades whereas poor quality liners may disintegrate in one or two years. In addition, given the circumstances, they may not wear evenly. The good news is when they dont wear uniformly; used pond liners may be recycled in several ways.

For example, they could be cut and used as ground covers for camping tents or childrens sand piles. Theyd also make excellent drop cloths, weed barriers and makeshift tarps. In addition, some folks combine them with recycled tires to make decorative ponds and frog habitats. Its an easy project that typically starts with a punctured or worn tire from a car, truck, tractor or recreational vehicle.

First, clean the tire off and take measurements. Then situate it in the area where youd like a decorative, water feature or habitat. Next, locate the best sections of your used pond liner and cut it to exceed that of the discarded tires circumference. It should run over the tires outer edge and wrap back around, ending up underneath of it. That way, it wont collapse when the water is added.

Once the used pond liner is in place, go ahead and select river rocks or pavers to go around the repurposed tire. Stack the rocks or pavers in a way that completely obscures the tires sides and top edge. Depending on the tires size and that of the rocks, finishing the job may require some quick-setting cement or mortar. If it does, be sure to allow sufficient time for curing.

After the rocks have been set, fill the tires lined recess with fresh water. Then add aquatic plants and any amphibians as desired. For more information on fun ways to recycle used pond liners, please contact us today.